i made a thing where you ask stuff about music

  1. 1: favourite five albums of all time
  2. 2: favourite song lyrically
  3. 3: favourite song musically
  4. 4: last gig you went to
  5. 5: the band you want to get back together most
  6. 6: a song that makes you cry
  7. 7: a song that makes you laugh
  8. 8: a lyric you have to shout
  9. 9: the song you sing most in the shower
  10. 10: favourite gig you've been to
  11. 11: a song you'd most like to do karaoke to
  12. 12: a band member you'd most like to do karaoke with
  13. 13: are you a CD/vinyl person or an MP3 download person?
  14. 14: favourite album to listen to in full
  15. 15: a song to sum up this year so far
  16. 16: most played song on your itunes
  17. 17: favourite album artwork
  18. 18: favourite song title
  19. 19: guilty pleasure song
  20. 20: favourite soundtrack

unlunduner13 replied to your post: Greetings earthlings

 Hello crazy beautiful person!!

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hey pretty girl!

Hi lovelies!

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Greetings earthlings

Greetings earthlings

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↳ When you’ve lived in someone’s shadow for a long time, you kinda get used to it. You have to. Especially when it’s someone so perfect and so beautiful. We accept that some birds are high-flying birds and other birds are not. But that doesn’t mean they can’t fly t o g e t h e r.

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"I thought this was your favorite song?"

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itsmirallegro thewhileloop curvygirlonabudget luvs-jade YES




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Actually my aesthetic is Nico Mirallegro that one time he instagrammed a picture of himself on the beach with a watermelon

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