Hey guys! So, I’m a presenter for a line of makeup called Younique. The products are all natural and extremely healthy for your skin. It’s mineral-based, avoiding harmful ingredients and cheap fillers that can do serious damage to your skin. 

We sell everything from matte eyeshadows, pigments, mascara, concealers, blush, brushes, literally everything. Primers for the eyeshadows, and Refreshed Pure & Natural Rose Water for some revitalizing moisture or mix it in with a bit of Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powders for a more vibrant, smooth application.

For examples of the use of these products, you can click here.

This is literally the only makeup I use. I used to buy Mac but it was super expensive and it never lasted me as long as I wanted it to. I had to apply and reapply the eyeshadow multiple times before is came out how I wanted but with Younique, a little goes a long way. Buying these products was the absolute best thing I’ve done in a long time and it’ll last you for up to a year maybe longer. 

My favorite, though, is the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. If you’re like me and your eyelashes are super short and you want longer looking lashes, this product is for you. Here and here are examples of what your lashes will look like after using this mascara. I’ve gotten my sister and all of her friends and my mom using this mascara and they (as well as everyone who uses this) love it and you literally never have to wear false eyelashes again.

So, if you’re interested, you can click here to check out my website. I make a commission off of each purchase so that also helps me out money-wise, just a bit of a side thing to help pay bills around the house. It would be greatly appreciated and also, you get amazing makeup! I haven’t heard of any complaints and I use the products myself and it’s seriously wonderful. 

My ask is always open in case you’ve got any questions!

If you do end up buying, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I hope you enjoy :)

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